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How to convince your boss to buy you a conference ticket to CSSconf EU

You write CSS all day. You are your team’s front end expert (or want to become one). You are responsible for maintaining your company’s brand consistency. Perfecting the UI of your app. Explorer of styles, wrangler of SVG, composer of components. You HAVE to attend CSSconf EU, and you know it – but how to get your boss to buy you that ticket?…

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CSSconf EU 2017 Ticket Sale

Are you planning on attending CSSconf EU in 2017? It’s time to secure your tickets! The first batch of Early Bird tickets goes on sale on Tuesday, December 13, 10am. They sold out quickly in past years, so be sure to set your alarms!…

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Q&A with Frederic and Nynne, CSSclasses enthusiasts

CSSclasses is back! Yes, our beloved community event returns to Berlin on Saturday, April 30 at Co-Up, together with two more events this spring and summer in Hamburg and Edinburgh. We talk to past participants Frederic and Nynne about their experiences at CSSclasses and why they are looking forward to attending the next event.…

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