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Announcing the future of CSSconf EU

Around this time of the year we reveal our plans for the next CSSconf EU, so here it goes: our team is thrilled to announce CSSconf EU 2017! Yes, together with JSConf EU, CSSconf EU is pressing the pause button in 2016 and will return only a few months later than usual, in spring 2017.…

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THANK YOU, this was CSSconf EU 2015

More than two months later, remembering CSSconf EU 2015 still gets us as exhilarated as if it were yesterday! So we, the organizers and team, wanted to say one very big THANK YOU:

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Behind the scenes of organizing CSSconf EU

CSSconf EU 2015 was truly fantastic, but this one day of great ideas, creative insights and general merriment was conceived many months earlier and realized thanks to the love and efforts of a mighty volunteer team. What does it take and what does it mean to organize a CSSconf? Organizers Kristina, Kevin and Michael share their behind-the-scenes experiences.…

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