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CSSconf EU 2017: First Speaker Announcement

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

After receiving over 200 fantastic talk proposals from the CSS community – more than ever before – we voted, discussed, and after much deliberation, our 2017 line-up is now complete.

Today we’re thrilled to announce the first four talks you can be looking forward too, and introduce you to the speakers behind them.

Speaker Overview Portraits

Ivana McConnell

CSS and the Hierarchy Problem: What Makes a CSS developer?

Whether in agencies, software companies, or creative studios, expert-level CSS is a key skill needed to ship competitive websites, apps and digital products. Developing CSS has become its own profession, but what exactly makes a CSS developer? The definition of our profession is still unclear, and the stigma of “CSS is not REAL development” remains. In her talk at CSSconf EU ‘17, Ivana McConnell will dissect how power dynamics and implicit hierarchies threaten to devalue the work we do, and how that hurts us both individually and as a community.

Learn more about Ivana and her talk and follow @IvanaMcConnell on Twitter.

Max Stoiber

The Road to styled components: CSS in Component-based Systems

If you work with CSS in JS, chances are you have come across Max Stoiber’s work. In the past year, he has given a series of talks around the globe, contributed to a range of popular open source projects, and shared many of his ideas in podcasts, interviews and on his blog. At CSSconf EU, Max will give a brand new talk introducing his latest project: styled-components, an evolution of the CSS Modules concept his co-maintainer Glen Maddern introduced at CSSconf EU 2015. We predict it will be one of the most heatedly discussed ideas of the upcoming conference.

Learn more about Max and his talk and follow @mxstbr on Twitter.

Sareh Heidari

Scaffolding CSS for Scale

Building localised websites for over 20 languages and a global audience - that is the problem Sareh Heidari tackles at the BBC every day. Her talk will walk us through the considerations and challenges that went into creating and applying BBC Sport’s CSS framework, Grandstand. You will witness how CSS is done at huge scale, and learn how to apply these lessons to author your own component-based, scalable and robust CSS. Join us in welcoming Sareh Heidari who will give her first ever talk on a big conference stage!

Learn more about Sareh and her talk and follow @Sareh88 on Twitter.

Una Kravets

Let’s Build a CSS Game!

Una Kravets is the kind of speaker who does not only give brilliant in-depth talks on whatever latest detail of the CSS specification caught her attention. Her talks are always visually stunning, too. Remember CSSconf EU 2015, when she spontaneously used the venue decoration and instructed the lighting crew to help her illustrate how RGB color mixing works? This year, Una is going to build a game with us – a CSS game!

Learn more about Una and her talk and follow @una on Twitter.

Regular tickets on sale

This year’s CSSconf EU will be a truly international event, with attendees from over 20 different countries already having purchased their ticket. If you’d like to join them and be part of it all, you have a chance to get yours today! We release the first batch of Regular Tickets today, Wednesday, February 22 at 10am CET.

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