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Meet Michael Mifsud

Michael is a front end engineer at 99designs and an organizer of CSSConf AU. On stage at CSSconf EU, Michael will share with us his journey from being a front end developer to becoming a core contributor to LibSass.…

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Meet Katie Kurkoski

Katie is a front end developer for Getty Images in Seattle, USA and a curator of Cascadia Fest, a local JavaScript and CSS conference. Working on the Getty Images website which is localized into more than 20 languages, Katie is all too familiar with the layout havoc caused by translated content. In her talk, Developing for Localization, she will demonstrate robust CSS techniques to get your message across the world wide web. …

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Meet Tim Holman

Tim is an Australian developer who has both a love and a flair for all things quirky and strange online. In his talk, Fun.css, Tim will introduce us to unusual and bizarre techniques and ways of thinking that we can use to create friendlier and, at the very least, more interesting experiences on the web.…

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CSSclasses - a CSSconf EU & Open Tech School Initiative

Designed for beginners and experts alike, CSSclasses is a series of one-day events for people interested in getting acquainted and creative with CSS. Lucie Höhler of the CSSconf EU team attended the classes as a participant last year and is still involved, now as a coach.…

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