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Nadieh Bremer, Shirley Wu and Patrick Hamann

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

It’s here - our final speaker announcement and the last three additions to our 2017 line-up: Patrick Hamann, Nadieh Bremer and Shirley Wu.

Patrick, who first appeared on the CSSconf EU stage back in 2014, returns to bring us up to speed with the latest developments around browser performance. Nadieh and Shirley will, for the first time in CSSconf history(!), team up to share their learnings from working together to create data visualizations with web technologies, and how collaboration drives their creative process.

Nadieh Bremer & Shirley Wu

data sketch|es: A Visualization a Month

Nadieh Bremer and Shirley Wu

What do a former astronomer and a software engineer have in common? A love for data visualization! Yes, you read that right: Nadieh, a data-viz designer with a background in astronomy, and Shirley, a developer who loves painting and Pixar animation, will team up to show us how to leverage web technologies like SVG and CSS to achieve stunning visualizations, and how their collaborative project Data sketches helped them explore limitless possibilities.

Learn more about Nadieh and Shirley follow @NadiehBremer and @sxywu on Twitter.

Patrick Hamann

CSS and the First Meaningful Paint

Patrick Hamann

Remember CSSconf EU 2014? Patrick introduced his work on the concept of CSS and the Critical Path, which has since become a key ingredient in every web developer’s toolkit. Much has happened in the world of browsers and performance since then, and this year Patrick returns to give us an update. His talk will take us on a journey exploring the past, current, and future best practices for loading CSS in the browser, and how we can achieve a first meaningful paint within 1000ms creating a faster, more resilient experience for our users.

Learn more about Patrick and his talk and follow @patrickhamann on Twitter.

You know you’ve always wanted to learn about visualization and could use a refresher on browser performance! As it happens, tickets are still available and on sale today 🙌⚡

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