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Patricia Realini and Mark Dalgleish

Monday, March 13th, 2017

Time for our next speaker announcement: Patricia Realini and Mark Dalgleish are joining us on stage at CSSconf EU 2017! We’re very excited to welcome two true CSS aficionados, who are also very active in building and improving their local communities. We can’t wait to see them in Berlin this May!

In her brand-new talk “CSS Art History 101”, Patricia will take us on a tour to decode layout through the ages, and explore CSS’s layout possibilities through the eyes of an art historian. Mark will take on a topic that is currently dividing the CSS world: CSS-in-JS, and alternative new approaches that seem to threaten many core beliefs and best practices of CSS.

Patricia Realini

CSS Art History 101: Decoding Layout Through The Ages

Patricia Realini is a software engineer and an artist based in New York City.

Being a self-taught programmer who knows the front end stack in and out, Patricia has spoken at EmpireJS and Web Rebels, leads workshops on git and the command line, and contributes to the community as an organizer of Node Together. Patricia is also a powerful advocate for underrepresented minorities, and engages in many efforts to bring more diversity to the tech community. She teaches and speaks on topics such as intersectionality, allyship, self-care and dealing with harassment as a woman of color in tech.

In her brand new talk for CSSconf EU, Patricia will look at CSS through the eyes of an art historian, and explore the layout possibilities the web has to offer. During her talk, we will flexbox the Golden Ratio with Leonardo DaVinci, up the pixel ratio for our devices with the Impressionists and “inspect elements” of some iconic works of art. We’re beyond excited for that change of perspective, and can’t wait to welcome Patricia on our stage!

Learn more about Patricia and her talk and follow @patriciarealini on Twitter.

Mark Dalgleish

A Unified Styling Language

Mark Dalgleish will be joining us from Melbourne, Australia, where he currently leads DesignOps at SEEK.

Mark has over 10 years experience crafting UIs, and CSS developers might know him as the co-creator of CSS Modules and writer of many articles on CSS and related topics. In his hometown Melbourne, he runs the MelbJS meetup, which brings local speakers and the interested front end community together once a month.

With his talk at CSSconf EU, Mark will delve straight into one of the currently most controversial topics in our community: CSS-in-JS – and alternative new approaches of authoring CSS that have (more or less accurately) grouped together under the term. Does mixing our styles and logic run counter to the original ideas of CSS? Does it break progressive enhancement? Mark will address these questions – acknowledging the current divide of opinions in the CSS community – and empathetically analyze how this relates to the history of CSS, and what we can take away from it for building the next-level CSS.

We’re excited to hear his perspective and learn about his vision for “A Unified Styling Language”!

Learn more about Mark and his talk and follow @markdalgleish on Twitter.

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