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Rachel Andrew, Jessica Lord and Tim Holman

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

We have some more big news for you! We are happy to announce another speaker: Rachel Andrew, as well as our two moderators: Jessica Lord and Tim Holman.

Rachel Andrew

Where Does CSS Come From?

Ever find yourself sitting in front your computer screen asking this simple question:

“Why? … Why??? … Why!?!?!?!”

Us too. We’re not sure we know what the answer is, but we think Rachel will help give us a little perspective: she’ll be discussing where CSS comes from and how it comes to be.

Rachel, who many may know as one of the foremost experts on CSS Grid Layout, and who we were very honored to have as a speaker at CSSconf EU in 2015, will be giving a brand new talk at CSSconf EU 2017 which will have us taking a step back and looking at CSS as a technology on the whole. Her talk will illustrate the standards process by which new CSS features come to fruition, trace how CSS came to be where it is today, and in the end, give us insight into how we can help shape CSS in the future.

Learn more about Rachel and her talk and follow @rachelandrew on Twitter.

Jessica Lord


We are so very excited to have Jessica – urban designer turned open developer, previously of the Electron team at GitHub and creator of many great open source projects and resources like Sheetsee, Essential Electron, and Git-It – moderate for us this year. Still, no matter how excited we are and how much we smile, we can’t seem to top Jessica herself!

Jessica Lord

Learn more about Jessica and follow @jllord on Twitter.

Tim Holman


Those who attended CSSconf EU in 2015 will surely remember Tim for his fantastic talk, Fun.css, which – well – was fun! Others may know him from his steadily growing list of hilarious projects: Elevator.js, Ascii Morph and console.frog (to name a few) and many more which can be found on Tim’s website and CodePen. In order to multiply the good times, we decided to invite Tim onto the stage again in 2017… and off the stage… and on again… and off… as a moderator! We are super excited to have him.

Tim Holman

Learn more about Tim and follow @twholman on Twitter.

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