THANK YOU, this was CSSconf EU 2015

More than two months later, remembering CSSconf EU 2015 still gets us as exhilarated as if it were yesterday! So we, the organizers and team, wanted to say one very big THANK YOU:

Thank you

to our attendees, all 400+ of them, who came from all corners of the world and made CSSconf EU 2015 the marvellous event it was. Thank you for being part of it, it wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Thank you

to our speakers - Claudina Sarahe, Una Kravetz, Michael Mifsud, Lea Verou, Horia Dragomir, Glen Maddern, Tammie Lister, Katie Kurkoski, Zoe M. Gillenwater, Tim Holman – the 10 fantastically talented individuals who shared their knowledge, ideas and insights and brought magic to our stage. Thank you, we could not have hoped for a better line-up! Massive thanks go out to Nick Hehr, our MC, who guided us through the program!

Thank you

to our sponsors. To SinnerSchrader, the backbone of CSSconf EU and JSConf EU. To MailChimp, Hoefler & Co, Travis CI, Etecture, GitHub, HitFox, keyCDN, Hoodie, Automattic, Namely who contributed to making this event possible – we are grateful for and humbled by your support.

As you probably remember, this was the first year where we had a dedicated Diversity Support Ticket programme so as to allow more people from underrepresented groups to join CSSconf EU. We are eternally grateful to everyone who supported us in this pursuit! Thank you to the individuals who purchased diversity support tickets, to those who donated a ticket, and to the sponsors who helped fund our diversity effort. Thanks to your contributions we were able to invite more than 30 scholars to attend CSSconf EU.

As always, we are thrilled that we are able to provide all talks from the conference to the community for free; they are available here.

For the community, from the community ❤ Thanks for being part of it and see you at the next one!

Check out CSSconf EU as it happened on Storify and browse our photo albums here and here.

Did you attend CSSconf EU 2015 and share your experiences in a blogpost or photo album? Let us know, we’d love to include it here!

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